Meet the Characters


A crystal enthusiast and a struggling writer looking for inspiration to make sure she is not fired from her day job. Lilawadee or fondly called Lila by her friends and family, makes a living writing articles and columns for a women’s magazine. Aspire to be a successful author, she is also working on a book since three years ago, and it is still on Chapter 1.


A jobless post-grad dropout looking for the meaning of life. Having ended a long-term relationship with her boyfriend and tripping off her master degree, she is having the worst battle in her head. In the verge of breaking down, family intervention leads her to seek professional helps.

Xian Ju

A working mother juggling between managing her family and her career. Asian mom as anyone would call her, she strives to be the best wife a husband could find and a loving mom to her son. And as a modern mom, works are never ending and her responsibilities have increased since she was promoted in the new quarter of the year. With no helper and taste for near perfection, she has to do everything she can in her 16 waking hours.


A sunny girl that shines wherever she goes. Nothing can bring her down. Open for new experience and embrace change with a happy heart and a positive mind. Bubbly and friendly, she captures every heart that has a chance to know her. Behind those smiles, it seems like nothing can turn her skies grey.


A loving teacher who is trying not to quit her teaching career. People who can, do; those who can’t, teach. Whoever invented that sentence should be sentenced to firing squad. It is a job that involves 99% of heart and empathy. Melor grows up in a family of educators. Her father is a retired headmaster and her mother is still working as a principal in the only secondary school in her hometown. After graduating and completing her internship, Melor is assigned to teach Bahasa Melayu in a secondary school within the upscale township in the neighbouring state. Children can be scary but rich kids can be a nightmare to some, especially to Melor.