Yoga and its benefit

What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you read these two words-Healthy Lifestyle? For some of you healthy lifestyle might be a healthy diet full of salad, green vegetables and some more nutritional food while for the rest of you, it might be clean and hygienic surroundings. But the truth is Healthy Lifestyle is much more than just healthy diet or hygienic surroundings, it has one more important factor and that is-mental health. Having a healthy diet full of nutrition, hitting the gym daily, working out, jogging for miles and living in hygienic surroundings is not a healthy lifestyle if you are not happy and happiness have a direct affect on our mental health.


In today’s speeding era do you realize how often you smile or laugh? Not much I guess, if anything the smiles are now just a smiling emoji and that heartily laugh is just ROFL and LOL in the cellphones. We humans regret about somethings we did in the past or somethings we did not do in the past and if we are not thinking about our past then we are probably worrying about our future, our work, our savings, our after-retirement plans. In short, we have so much to think about that we forget to live in the present and we are always so occupied in regretting and planning that we are left with no space for happiness in our lives. You see, French people have this saying that if work makes you happy then you don’t know what happiness is. It is very good to be ambitious and passionate about your profession but we should not forget that it is not the only purpose of life. To just breathe is not what you call living, it is so much more and we are forgetting it.

Yoga and its benefit

  • Take professional help and therapy if needed.
  • Healthy lifestyle can be achieved as long as we are determined to achieve it and rely to properly value ourselves.
  • A healthy lifestyle is the best gift that one can give to them.

So, it is very important to live in the moment, make the most of the time you have because I believe even if you have less time or you are unsure of certain things in life, it does not mean you cannot give it a chance. Eat healthy, do the workout, take care of your body and your brain, laugh out loud in real life and not just in chatting, live the present and have a complete healthy lifestyle.

By Sheila